The Truth & The Light : Press

It’s only May, but I’m just gonna go ahead and call this one right now: Lee Bob & The Truth‘s The Light is the best headphones album of the year. I had the dumb luck of experiencing the fully analog beast first through a good set of headphones and I rode that goddamn light, melted from the heat, loved in a way only drugs can teach, and felt the nano-bits of stardust we are all made of breathe as one.” ~ American Standard Time

Lee Bob & The Truth are Lee Bob Watson, the songwriter/producer formerly of Jackpot, Grammy-winning guitarist Steve Suzuki Wyreman, founding member of The Park, Josh Lippi, among others. The band is dropping their debut album, The Truth LP, in early 2015. In anticipation of the album release, we premiere their new ‘60s-esque single, Let The Hate In (I Won’t) … a gentle reminder that music can stand for something. ~ Culture Collide

Interview: Lee Bob & The Truth on their debut LP : “I’m hoping the pendulum is shifting back toward organic noises. I think the world is huge, human experience is broad, and popular music could reflect a wider range of sounds and human experience than it does … It doesn’t have to be so cookie cutter, one directional and on the grid.” ~ The Bay Bridged

Mission Breakdown … a flurry of words about the changing neighborhood (and city) …is just as tight as it gets. ~ The Bay Bridged