Life Is A Miracle


Life Is A Miracle


In the span of 3 years, Lee Bob & The Truth have recorded and released three full length LPs. Life Is A Miracle is the third album of this trilogy.

The albums chart The Truth's migration from a garage in San Francisco to the legendary United Recordings in Los Angeles and finally to the idyllic Panoramic House in Stinson Beach, CA.

The common thread is a naturalistic mode of recording, capturing the sound of performance in a room, a la Ray Charles, Dylan & countless others.

The music is 100% analog. Bernie Grundman cut the vinyl and mastered the digital directly from the tapes to preserve as much of the analog quality as possible.

These "experiments with truth" are presented now for the first time in their entirety. So, Tune in ... drop out ... Invite some friends. Do what you do.  We hope this music serves as good medicine for you.


Life Is A Miracle, in the studio ...  


"It was surreal," Lee Bob recalls, "The election loomed large in all our hearts. I'd just returned from Standing Rock - so I was on fire and also very anxious. It felt unreal to be in this perfect space making music. 

Also, I'd spent most of the year away from my muse. I was unravelling. I don't actually remember recording much of the album. I listen to the music now and it feels like magic. It's like a hi-fi rendering of a good trip."

~ Lee Bob  [read more]